South Australia - City Group

Meets at a central CBD location

 Training Room 3, Level 3, U City, 43 Franklin Street


on the first Tuesday of the month

at  6.15pm

We are

business and professional women, female tertiary students and women seeking employment.

We have

diverse occupations, ages and ethnicities.

We aim to

create a supportive atmosphere, ensure all members participate in every meeting and develop confidence and leadership potential with experienced members assisting newer members.

Group Meetings 2024

5th March  Register to Attend

2nd April –   Register to Attend

7th May –    Register to Attend

4th June –  Register to Attend

2nd  July – Register to Attend

6th August –   Register to Attend

3rd September – Register to Attend

1st October – Register to Attend

5th November – Register to Attend

3rd December – Register to Attend

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