Victoria - Bayside Group

Meets at a south east suburb of Melbourne  location

Sundowner Community Centre, 24 Sundowner Avenue


First and Third Wednesday of the month

at  8:15pm

2024 Meetings

6th  March  – Topic: Learn a second language   Register to Attend

20th March – Topic: Poetry reading  Register to Attend

3rd April – Topic: Weekend markets   Register to Attend

17th April – Topic: Show and tell   Register to Attend

1st May – Topic: A piece of cake   Register to Attend

15th May – Topic: Looking out my window  Register to Attend

5th  June – Topic: What’s in a name   Register to Attend

19th June – Topic: Learn a second language  Register to Attend

3rd July – Topic: Radio   Register to Attend

17th July – Topic: TED talks    Register to Attend

7th  August – Topic: Historical character   Register to Attend

21st August – Topic: If I was starting work today  Register to Attend

4th September – Topic: At the dining table  Register to Attend

18th September – Topic: The world at your feet Theme: Group 39th Anniversary  Register to Attend

2nd October – Topic: A crowning achievement   Register to Attend

16th October – Topic: A good weekend   Register to Attend

6th November – Topic: Good neighbours   Register to Attend

20th November – Theme: The news  Register to Attend

4th December – Topic: Looking back, looking forward   Register to Attend


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