Tasmania - Brighton Group

Meets in a southern location of Tasmania

Pontville, 371 Brighton Rd, Brighton

Online Meeting on the 1st Wednesday of the month via zoom at 6:15 pm

Face to Face Meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:15 pm

We are

A  group who practice in a friendly atmosphere and non-threatening environment providing positive, encouraging support.

We have

  • One hour meeting twice a month
  • Two meetings per month
  • Both on-line and in person

We provide

  • Lifelong learning including the use of technology
  • Conduct workshops and speaking exercises.

2024 Meetings

6th March – Topic: Space Travel  Register to Attend

20th March – Theme: Workshop  Register to Attend

3rd April – Topic:Horror Stories   Register to Attend

17th April – Topic: A Boat Trip   Register to Attend

1st May – Topic: Common Ground  Register to Attend

15th May – Topic: Intuition  Register to Attend

5th June  – Theme: Book/Film Review  Register to Attend

19th  June – Topic: A Local Hero  Register to Attend

3rd July – Topic: Problem Solved!  Register to Attend

17th July – Theme: Workshop  Register to Attend

7th August – Topic: Poetry Favourites  Register to Attend

21st August – Topic: A Reading  Register to Attend

4th September – Topic: An Australian Invention  Register to Attend

18th September – Topic: Water  Register to Attend

2nd October – Topic: A Garden of Note  Register to Attend

16th October – Theme: Workshop.  Register to Attend

6th  November – Topic: A Fine Romance  Register to Attend

20th November – Topic: Tourism  Register to Attend

4th December- Theme: Christmas Meeting  Register to Attend

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