South Australia - Campbelltown Group

Meets at a north eastern suburb of Adelaide location

Marchant Community Centre, 338 Gorge Rd


on the second and fourth Monday of the month

at 7:15pm

We are

A group that  provides a safe and supportive environment for women to practice and improve their public speaking skills and knowledge of meeting procedures. We are friendly, welcoming and inclusive. Whether you are new or experienced in public speaking we will encourage and nurture you along your public speaking journey whilst providing opportunities to challenge yourself, gain confidence and keep learning.  

We have

Are you looking for a way to improve your public speaking skills, your knowledge of meeting procedures or gain confidence to speak up at meetings? Do you want to challenge yourself and keep learning? It doesn’t matter whether you are new or experienced in chairing meetings or public speaking.

We aim to

give everyone have a voice and is able to contribute during meetings. We treat each other with respect and as part of this we are engaged, prepared and participate fully at each meeting

2024 Meetings

11th March  –    Register to Attend

25th March    Register to Attend

8th April     Register to Attend

22nd April   Register to Attend

13th May –  Register to Attend

27th May –  Register to Attend

10th June –   Register to Attend

24th June –  Register to Attend

9th July –  Register to Attend

22nd July – Register to Attend

12th August –  Register to Attend

26th  August –   Register to Attend

9th September –   Register to Attend

23rd September – Register to Attend

14th October – Register to Attend

28th October – Register to Attend

11th November – Register to Attend

25th November – Register to Attend

9th December – Register to Attend


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