Tasmania - Hobart City Group

Meets at a close CDB location

Andrew Wilkie’s office, 188 Collins St


on the second and fourth Monday of the month

at 1:05pm – 1:55pm

We are

a welcoming and friendly group and welcome women of all ages to join us.

We have

a one hour lunchtime meeting in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

We aim to

practise meeting procedure and communication via impromptu and prepared talks.

2024 Group Meetings

Note: meetings scheduled for public holidays occur on the Monday prior to the scheduled date.

26th February  – Theme: Group Half Yearly Meeting  Register to Attend

4th March – Topic: Colours  Register to Attend

25th March – Topic: Fact or Fiction  Register to Attend

8th April – Topic: Wheels  Register to Attend

22nd April – Topic: Opportunity  Register to Attend

13th May – Topic: Does power corrupt?  Register to Attend

27th May – Topic: Modern media   Register to Attend

3rd June – Topic: Indoor plants  Register to Attend

24th June – Topic: Trip of a lifetime  Register to Attend

8th July – Theme: Anniversary Meeting  Register to Attend

22nd July – Theme: Group Annual Meeting  Register to Attend

12th August – Topic: Exploration  Register to Attend

26th August – Topic: Cartoons  Register to Attend

9th September – Topic: Water Shortages   Register to Attend

23rd September – Topic: Great Waterways  Register to Attend

14th October – Topic: Impressive buildings  Register to Attend

23rd October – Topic: Book/Film Review  Register to Attend

11th November – Topic: Dangerous sports  Register to Attend

25th November – Topic: Film/book review Register to Attend

9th December – Theme: Christmas Lunch  Register to Attend






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