Speaking Made Easy Croydon Vic

Victoria - Maroondah Group

Maroondah Group

Meets centrally to the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne location

Croydon Library, Glen Frost Room, Civic Square, Off Mt Dandenong Rd, Croydon

Face to Face Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8:00 pm

Online Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month via zoom at 8:00pm

We are

A multicultural group coming from a diverse range of backgrounds, this bringing vibrancy and enthusiasm to all our meetings.

Our group provides two different meeting styles: Face to Face and Online

We believe that both types of meetings are very different from each other, requiring different speaking and learning skills.  Online skills require learning of added skills eg. screen sharing and screen presence. Having a monthly evening online meeting is advantageous for people who are unable to attend in person.

Our group is challenged and happy in both worlds – for both types of learning – face to face and online.

We have

a flexible speaking program, giving everyone the opportunity to practice their speaking skills at least three times each meeting.   All within a relaxed environment.

We pride ourselves in being most adaptable to each person’s needs of learning speaking skills.  We are very open for people to speak on topics they feel comfortable with.  We also value and encourage our members to suggest workshops and skills that may be of particular interest to them.

We aim to

own our tagline Developing Confident Women – ‘we are here to learn and learn comfortably from our mistakes’.   We also have the added bonus of learning from each other.

2024 Meetings

27th February – Topic: Cats and Dogs  Register to Attend

12h March – Topic: If you had your time again   Register to Attend

26th March – Topic: Hobbies  Register to Attend

9th April – Topic: The most influential person in your life   Register to Attend

23rd April – Topic: In the heat of the moment   Register to Attend

14th May – Topic: Change  Register to Attend

28th May – Topic: Step out of your comfort zone, and try …..what?           Register to Attend

11th June – Topic: My ticket to ……..   Register to Attend

25th June – Topic: Comedy / humour   Register to Attend

9th July – Topic: A fond memory   Register to Attend

23rd July – Topic: Nobody does that anymore   Register to Attend

13th August – Topic: Two things on your bucket list and why  Register to Attend

27th  August – Topic: Someone you call a hero    Register to Attend

10th September – Topic: A different world   Register to Attend

24th September – Topic: That winning feeling Register to Attend

8th October – Topic: A favourite meal Register to Attend

22nd October – Topic: What brings you contentment  Register to Attend

12th November – Topic:  A current news item  Register to Attend

26th November – Topic: Your highlights of 2024  Register to Attend

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