Victoria - Preston Group

Preston Group

Meets at a inner city location

Preston Library Meeting Room, 266 Gower St,


on the first and third Monday of the month

at 8:00pm

At Preston all women develop public speaking skills to become articulate confident women through relevant learning for today’s communication in education, employment and community, and the opportunity to practise the skills within a supportive, warm and friendly environment.

2024 Meetings

4th March – Topic: What if ………  Register to Attend

18th March – Topic: Nobody does that anymore   Register to Attend

1st April – Topic: Easter Monday: The mix up  Register to Attend

15th April – Topic: A better future  Register to Attend

6th May – Topic: The moment I saw….. Register to Attend

20th May – Topic: A puzzling phenomenon   Register to Attend

3rd June – Topic: The corner shop / general store   Register to Attend

17th June – Topic: Doing things differently  Register to Attend

1st July – Topic: Big ideas / innovation  Register to Attend

15th July – Topic: Review: book, film, show  Register to Attend

5th August – Topic: My challenge  Register to Attend

19th August – Topic: Should electric cars be mandatory in the near future  Register to Attend

2nd September – Topic: Listening – radio, podcasts, other apps  Register to Attend

16th September – Topic: Risks  Register to Attend

7th October – Topic: Compete or retreat  Register to Attend

21st October – Topic: Which came first: the chicken or the egg?   Register to Attend

4th November – Topic: If it is to be,……… Register to Attend

18th  November – Topic: Group 64th Anniversary: TBA  Register to Attend

2nd December – Topic: End of year meeting: Me in 2025  Register to Attend


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