South Australia - Strathalbyn Group

Meets at country town location

Community Centre, Alexandrina Service Centre and Library

1 Coleman Terrace


on the first Thursday  of the month

at  5.00pm

We are

an  informal, innovative, friendly group, supportive of members. The informality of  the group is the  most important aspect of our group meetings. 

Our friendships are cemented by monthly morning teas to celebrate members’ birthdays. Members carpool to visit other groups.

We have

a Chairman for each meeting and a secretary who records the minutes. Reports are presented as and when necessary. We encourage visitors to get involved in the activities such as giving impromptu speeches.

We have an Advisor who identifies the focus of the meeting.  This is used as a teaching aid. We occasionally have workshops on different aspects of public speaking and presentation skills.

We aim to

encourage innovation by giving members the chance to decide on a segment “Surprise, surprise!” which involves all members.  Anything goes!

2024 Meetings

7th March –   Register to Attend

4th April  –    Register to Attend

2nd May –   Register to Attend

6th  June Register to Attend

4th July –    Register to Attend

1st Aug  Register to Attend

5th  September – Topic:   Register to Attend

3rd  October – Topic:  Register to Attend

7th November – Register to Attend

5th December – Register to Attend


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