What's happening @ Speaking Made Easy Meetings in Victoria

Speaking Made Easy meetings. Come along! Attend a group meeting, they are not to be missed, being a part of these meetings give you the Speaking skills to develop and bring out the speaker within you. Attend as an observer to get an insight to what Speaking Made Easy is all about.

To Register for meetings click the links below

Bayside Group Meetings

Theme: The Anniversary   16th Oct 2019 Register

Theme: A funny thing happened   6th Nov 2019 Register

Theme: Review – book, film, show, concert  20th Nov   20th Nov 2019 Register

Camberwell Group Meetings

Theme: A life challenge I have overcome   25th Nov 2019 Register

Diamond Valley Group Meeting

Theme: The Great Depression    22nd Oct 2019 Register

Theme: A Simple seed   12th Nov 2019 Register

Theme: The ocean   26th Nov 2019 Register

Theme: Memories of Christmas when I was little  10th Dec 2019 Register

Maroondah Group Meetings

Theme: A spooky story  22nd Oct 2019 Register

Theme: Back to the future  12th Nov 2019 Register

Theme: Christmas tales  26th Nov 2019 Register

Preston Group Meetings

Theme: Does social media cause isolation  21st Oct 2019 Register

Theme: Outdoor interests  4th Nov 2019 Register

Theme: Unusual, Exciting or Daring experiences   18th Nov 2019 Register

Theme: 2019 memories 2nd Dec 2019 Register






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