Zoom into Speaking Made Easy

Online Meeting

Every 2nd & 4th Monday of the Month AEST

Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland @ 8:00pm

South Australia, Northern Territory @ 7:30pm

Western Australia @ 6pm

Zoom into Speaking Made Easy has

  • No geographical boundaries
  • hands on technology with
  • workshops and storytelling

We aim to 

  • We aim to inspire all to participate
  • Encourage practice with tech skills
  • Positive, constructive feedback

2024 Meetings

26th Feb  – Topic: Animals distinctive sounds  Register to Attend

11th March – Topic: The last time I saw………  Register to Attend

25th March – Topic: Artificial intelligence   Register to Attend

8th April – Topic: Exchanging ageism with agelessness Register to Attend

22nd April – Topic: Fashion faux pas   Register to Attend

13th May – Topic: EELs – Ears, eyes and legs   Register to Attend

27th May – Topic: The bakehouse  Register to Attend

10th June – Topic: Food for thought   Register to Attend

24th June – Topic: Classical toys  Register to Attend

8th July – Topic: Word power   Register to Attend

22nd July – Topic: Prime minister for a day  Register to Attend

12th Aug  – Topic: Pulling the plug on screen time  Register to Attend

26th Aug – Topic: Architectural Masters  Register to Attend

9th Sept – Topic: Switch your thinking  Register to Attend

23rd Sept  – Topic: Old photos  Register to Attend

14th Oct  – Topic: Window shopping   Register to Attend

28th Oct – Topic: Like bees to honey    Register to Attend

11th Nov – Topic: Extreme sports   Register to Attend

25th Nov – Topic: Globetrotting Register to Attend

9th Dec – Topic: It’s beginning to look a lot like ………..   Register to Attend




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