An Inside Look at Informative Speeches

What is an informative speech?
An informative speech is one which informs the audience by introducing a new topic or makes the audience more knowledgeable on a familiar topic. It intends to educate the audience on a particular subject.

Content considerations
Informative speeches can be about objects, processes, events and concepts.
Your topic must be appropriate for your audience and aim to increase the audience’s knowledge or present new subject matter.

Choice of topic is important as a broadly chosen topic usually includes different kinds of information which may complicate the informative quality of the speech. A narrow focus assists the presenter by making the research more manageable and this is likely to increase the ability to understand the topic. A narrow focus also assists the audience to grasp the content, comprehend it and they are more likely to remember the main points.

Choose a small number of key points on your specific topic which you want the audience to remember. These key points will form the organisational structure of your speech which includes the introduction, body and conclusion.

You need to:
Research the topic carefully as the information must be accurate.
Organise the information logically, chronically or use other methods to maintain interest and enhance the message of the speech such as cause and effect, problem and solution, or numerically detailed.
Avoid information overload.
Select specific content which is relevant to your purpose.
Use visual aids such as Power Point or Keynote presentations, graphs, statistics, posters, illustrations, diagrams if appropriate for your topic as these can assist absorption of information.
Use day to day references so that the audience can relate to the facts and figures. For example: The area of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the size of a peanut or as tall as a two story building.
Focus on providing interesting information to the audience.

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