Confident women

Developing confident women from all walks-of-life

Speaking Made Easy is a place for women from all walks-of-life. This includes women who have lost confidence through personal dilemmas, poor health experiences, or social isolation. Those who have struggled to gain confidence lifelong, lack self-assurance because of being new to Australia, or, those who are uncomfortable with speaking up in a man’s world.

All kinds of life situations can rob a woman of her confidence. An unpleasant marriage experience can result in losing confidence and self-esteem. These times can be difficult and can create a real battle to fulfil day-to-day needs. Through practicing communication skills at Speaking Made Easy meetings, our members have come to realise that they have a voice that deserves to be heard. Many of these women now enjoy a new chapter in life.

An illness may force a woman to remain home during their recovery. If it takes a long time to recuperate, it is not easy to get back into the community or return to work. Some of our members have used Speaking Made Easy as a practice ground for communication, helping them to regain self-confidence.

Women who have come from other countries and cultures are sometimes not acquainted with the Australian colloquial language. Others, may find that they are not understood as easily as expected, limiting education or employment opportunities. Our ethnic members have increased their comprehension of the English language and have benefited from their newly acquired speaking skills, through their engagement in our meetings.

One member was a supervisor whose general concerns and progressive ideas were never considered by the male administration above her. In the end, she remained silent even though her knowledge and previous employment experience could have been an asset to the company. By attending Speaking Made Easy she learned skills on how to present her views and ideas. Her new ability enabled her to speak up for her colleagues and be listened to by management. Her confidence moved to a new level.

Speaking Made Easy is for all women. No matter what your circumstances, you are welcome to our meetings. You have the potential to be the best you can be and to find your voice. To own your voice is a gift you deserve. Each one of us is unique and special. We don’t have to be like other people, we can be ourselves. By attending Speaking Made Easy you can learn to find your voice in a supportive, friendly environment with like-minded women.

Participation in the Speaking Made Easy activities is up to you. We all learn from listening as well as from participating. Workshops are run on all aspects of speaking, one-on-one and in front of an audience. These sessions will assist you to think quickly on your feet, comfortably engage with others, share your opinions, and speak up and out in social and non-social occasions. We provide many opportunities for you to practice your speaking. You will be in an environment where members encourage and support each other, where positive feedback helps direct your development.

All women can develop confidence through Speaking Made Easy. Why not join us?

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