Hoa’s Story

“Speaking Made Easy, formerly known as the Penguin Club, has changed my life. I was a shy person with dysfluency (stuttering), limited in many ways and English being my second language. Now I feel safe to express myself fully.”

Hoa fled from Vietnam and came to Australia, a place where the language and all aspects of life were foreign. She attended her first meeting in July 2012, “full of insecurity and self-doubts.”

In Hoa’s words, “I have made lots of progress including having wonderful friends who believe in me and empower me.” She said she is no longer the same person who came through those meeting room doors. “I have grown in many directions: self-esteem, confidence, improved health, financial matters and relationships.”

Hoa has enjoyed learning to speak with ease and continues to enjoy the benefits of what she has learnt. She values the friendship and the mentoring from members as well as the pleasure of seeing other like-minded women have their lives transformed. As a person from another country, Hoa remarked, “I don’t feel any discrimination at all; on the contrary, I am always welcomed, loved, embraced and supported.”

Hoa is a keen member and although she has a very busy life she considers attending meetings as a bonus; a place where you learn speaking skills, gain confidence and discover talents you never knew you had within yourself.