Victoria - Camberwell Group

Meets at a inner city location

Camberwell Library Meeting Room, 340 Camberwell Rd,


on the fourth Thursday of the month

at  12:15pm

We are

a day group that is available for self-employed, part-time workers, students, younger women, older women, newly retired women • Making good friends leading to a feeling of fellowship • Encouragement in a safe and supportive space. Learning from each other and more experienced speakers

We have

meetings where we talk openly, even with different opinions. The starting our one-and-a-half hour meetings are on time, and finishing on time. A contribution at each meeting from each member • Being warm and professional towards each other. Our Anniversary meeting is in early December, and has a Christmas flavour.

We aim to

promote Camberwell Group to women of all ages from multicultural communities, who have English as a second language and attract new members by providing a section in the Agenda for feedback from visitors – what attracted them to come to Camberwell Group? What do they want from the meeting?

2024 Meetings

28th March – Theme: Debate preparation  Register to Attend

18th April – Topic: From little things big things grow Theme: Icebreakers   Register to Attend

23rd  May – Topic: The charm of language  Theme: What’s good about being a senior  Register to Attend

27th  June – Topic:  A debate: ‘Graffiti is art’  Theme: Prepare & present a persuasive argument     Register to Attend

25th July – Topic: The value of silence Theme: Body Language    Register to Attend

22nd  August – Topic: President’s choice Theme: Impromptu Speaking  Register to Attend

26th  September – Topic: Adventure or comfort – your preference             Theme: Reading aloud   Register to Attend

24th October – Topic: Your views on AI Theme: Powerful use of words  Register to Attend

28th  November – Topic: A little known country Theme: Making first impressions  Register to Attend

7th December – Topic: Group 73rd Anniversary – What the world needs now    Register to Attend














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