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Visit a Speaking Made Easy Group meeting, regular meetings are your practice ground, to try out all the speaking skills and techniques learnt, and put them into action. 

Group meetings are the main practice ground to learn to speak up, and speak out for work, socially, in educational and community settings. The place to make mistakes, improve and develop your speaking skills and build your confidence.

Meetings teach you skills to think quickly on your feet and listen to others tell their stories. 

Group meetings are full of fun and friendship while members and visitors gain confidence through learning and practice speaking.

Visitors are welcome to attend up to three meetings without obligation, in order to help you decide if Speaking Made Easy is the fit for you.

What happens at a Group meeting?

Meetings consist of many types of speaking activities, giving you the opportunity to participate and practise with warm-up activities, impromptu and prepared speeches. Learning segments are also a part of meetings with members sharing their knowledge and expertise delivering workshops and tutorials. Practice speaking within a supportive, friendly and fun environment. This accelerates the personal and professional development of your speaking journey.

Some speaking activities include:

• prepared speeches varying in length, style and genre

• a reading

• debating: continuous, ad hoc, spontaneous, and formal

• workshops

• tutorials

• activities which may include the 8 learning styles

• demonstrations

• storytelling

• reporting – various styles

• conversations, giving an opinion, discussions

• impromptu or short notice speaking

• work presentations

To become articulate, confident and meet new friends. Group leaders regularly survey members’ skill needs and prepare speaking programs with activities to meet those needs.

Dealing with nervousness is just one of the issues many members find difficult, though with time, practice and participation, this is overcome, and an articulate, confident woman emerges. Practising work and study presentations are welcome. Constructive, supportive, non-judgmental feedback is offered to all members giving presentations, making speeches and participating in group meetings.


An Adviser is a person who is compassionate, astute, friendly, a tutor, mentor, good listener and communicator, who provides feedback to members at Group meetings.

Feedback to all members is given by identifying important points on which to comment, explaining why they are important. Successes are congratulated, strategies are offered for improvement and examples given how these can be achieved.

The Advisers motto is: “Always encourage, never condemn.”

Groups organise their own program according to the needs of their members and so style and content can vary from Group to Group. Most meetings are of one hour to one-and-a-half-hour duration. Group meetings are held bi-monthly or monthly.

Every meeting revolves around a suggested topic which you interpret however you wish or another topic of your choice. Speaking on any topic can be delivered through a speech, reading, poem, blog, or news item or expressing your opinion.

Whatever anxiety you’re feeling about taking this step, rest assured, many others have felt the same. 

Membership Benefits include:

  • Develop your speaking skills and become an articulate and confident woman
  • Learn communication skills to participate fully in family, social, business, education and community activities
  • Be a confident public speaker
  • Learn how to converse effectively person to person or in front of an audience
  • Meet and connect with like-minded women
  • Feel valued for who you are
  • Be your authentic self
  • Learn and share from each other
  • Listen to interesting stories and speeches
  • Practise speaking skills in a safe, non-judgmental, friendly and supportive environment
  • Practise speeches, presentations, giving effective opinions, participating in discussions using your conversation skills
  • Share the gift of speaking up and speaking out. As you learn and practise, you assist other women.

Women of all backgrounds, cultures and ages fifteen and over are welcome to join our assotiation

Why?  Join a public speaking group when there is a wealth of information on the internet at your fingertips, by reading, watching, and listening on speaking skills. 

None of this is of any worth if you don’t put it into action.

Speaking Made Easy is the place where you belong, connect with others, advance your speaking skills, gain confidence and your Speaking Practice Ground

Speaking Made Easy have face to face and online Groups

The first three meetings are free without any obligation.

Membership entitles you to attend any Speaking Made Easy Group

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