What's happening @ Speaking Made Easy Meetings in Victoria

Speaking Made Easy meetings. Come along! Attend a group meeting, they are not to be missed, being a part of these meetings give you the Speaking skills to develop and bring out the speaker within you. Attend as an observer to get an insight to what Speaking Made Easy is all about.

Bayside Group

Theme: My favourite recipe     5th February 2020

Theme: A current affair      19th February 2020

Theme: The Bushfires     4th March 2020

Theme: A woman I admire     18th March 2020

Theme: Weekend activities     1st April 2020

Theme: An Australian Landmark     April 15th 2020

Camberwell Group Meetings

Theme: Members Choice – Using dot points rather than script                24th Feb 2020

Theme: A Travel Tale – Examaning Greta Thernbergs speech                 March 23rd 2020

Theme:  An invention that changed the world – The right words for a better speech     April 27th 2020

Diamond Valley Group Meeting

Theme: Quick way to earn a lot of money     11th Feb 2020

Theme: Self driving cars     25th Feb 2020

Theme: On this day ……………………     10th March 2020

Theme: Money Matters     24th March

Theme: Creepy crawlies     14th April 2020

Theme: The Artist’s diary     28th April 2020

Maroondah Group Meetings

Theme: A Enviromental Footprint     11th Feb 2020

Theme: Tales of our eathered and furry friends     25th Feb 2020

Theme: Good advice given     10th March 2020

Theme: Green Burial      24th March 2020

Theme: Facing a Fear     14th April 2020

Theme: How tech savvy are you?     28th April 2020

Preston Group Meetings

Theme: Everyone needs one     3rd Feb 2020

Theme: My message in a bottle would be …………………     17th Feb 2020

Theme: Trail Blazers     2nd March 2020

Theme: The value of science     16th March 2020

Theme: Amazon.com     6th April 2020

Theme: Debate – Topic to be announced     20th April 2020






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